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Finally a great app to learn many African languages and more.



Created in collaboration with native speakers, learn Bambara, Swahili, Wolof or English through lessons you can use in real life situation if you practice for only 10 minutes a day!

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Free content available, No subscription and Lifetime content access!

Intuitive learning tools

An intuitive, fun and addictive way of learning african languages.


5 to 10 minutes a day are enough to reach an autonomous level
(B2 according to the CEFR * rating) in 2 to 4 months.

Approved by science

Based on the principle of spaced repetition system (SRS). You memorize words and sentences and will not forget. 

Created with native speakers

Built by Profesionnals and native speakers to get the best use of our
audio pronunciations.

Give back to charity!

For every content or app bought Linguarena gives a part of its profit to two humanitarian associations.

You never know where this experience will leads you to…

Enter a new univers, explore a new world with Linguarena languages.You are just a few clicks from a new language learning experience and it’s free.

Fun app!

Visited Kenya a few months ago and enjoyed it so much that my husband and I plan to do it again in two years. For some reason, I loved learning a little Swahili along the way and when back in America, decided to try to learn. There are no Swahili language classes in my area so am trying via app. I am using another app but it is visual only. It is a helpful app but this one is a winner for having the audio assist. I listen over and over to the pronunciation until I think I’ve got it (we’ll see-ha). This app also offers more conversational situations, many practice exercises, and It has a few bugs, such as being off in the vocabulary section. Also, maybe I haven’t found it yet, but I would like to see a section as to the language rules.

Scraphappy7 (Apple App Store)

Educational !

“Educational and makes me happy that I can learn Swahili“.

Google User(Google Play Store)

Great App

“Love this app! Has been just what I needed to help me learn Wolof. The audio pronunciations are key!!”

Kjoburn (Apple App Store) 

Simply the Best!

“Simply the best APP for Wolof.”

Dr Wolof(Apple App Store)

I love this app !

“Greetings! I hope this message finds you well. I love this app! I am so excited to learn. The only issue I have is that the sound keeps glitching and I have to close and reopen the app for it to work. Thank you again so much! Is there a keyboard I can download to type in Bambara?”

Liz (Google Play Store)